Therapy for strong, professional women who have experienced trauma.

I offer counseling and other psychological services for strong, professional women who are used to being a rock that others depend on. When that’s what you’re used to, it isn’t always easy to reach out and talk to a therapist.  In-person and online counseling is available for your convenience. 


Personal Therapy

I provide private, individual counseling for your concern, at your pace. In-person therapy is offered at our Round Rock, TX office on Chisholm Trail, Suite 506.


Online Therapy

If you’re working 12+ hours per day or have young children attached at the hip it may be difficult to get away. I cater to busy, active people by offering the convenience of online therapy. 


I assess intelligence, academic achievement, personality, surgical screening, and mental fitness.

Contact me to discuss other testing needs.


If your’e a medical professional who needs clarification of a behavioral health diagnosis, give me a call. I’ll gladly work with you and your client to make sure their needs are identified and addressed. 

Dr. Mason

Michael Mason, PsyD



Michael places emphasis on connection, meaning, and purpose in life. He has a dry sense of humor, and can always find an upside in a situation. He, in addition, doesn’t use psycho-lingo in everyday conversation and, therefore rarely uses it in therapy.

Michael, owner of Round Rock Square Hole, PLLC, is a Retired Veteran who began military service as an enlisted Coast Guard member and retired as an Army officer. He has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and in support of Hurricane Katrina.  

Michael is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He attended the University of South Alabama and Carlos Albizu University. He often uses Cognitive Therapy and Existential Therapy. He uses empirical methods, with an understanding of sample bias and its effect on results. You can learn more about him here.

Why we do what we do



We do what we do because we know what it means to give, to serve, to sacrifice.

We want to be there for those who always put needs of family, friends, Battle Buddies, Shipmates, Wingmen, or other responsibilities above themselves.  

Normal people engage in therapy (a.k.a. counseling) because they understand it’s a tool. What carpenter says “I’m too much of a man, woman, or superhero to use a tool!” Is he/she the tool?” 

Normal people use a hammer when the job calls for a hammer. Extraordinary people too often think they can do the job without one.

Guess what?

They can! But can you imagine what they’re fist will look like when they finish?