Consultation and Psychological Assessment

We offer consultation to physicians and other medical providers, as well as psychological assessment for surgeries, overseas work assignments, etc. If you need an assessment for something other than what is listed below, please contact us.

Call us at 512-686-5578 

  • Dorsal Stimulator Evaluation
  • Bariatric Surgery Evaluation
  • Consulatation to nutritionists and dentists regarding eating disorders and history of trauma

  • Evaluation for suitability for overseas jobs
  • Clarification of diagnosis when a therapist is unsure or needs a 2nd opinion
  • Consultation and counseling for individuals and care givers of people with debilitating and terminal diseases (e.g. Fibromyalgia, Huntington’s Disease, etc)

  • Exploration of personality with a focus on positive psychology and interpersonal style
  • Personality Testing
  • Intelligence Testing
  • Neuropsychological Screening