Fees and Payment


What do you want to get from therapy?


How much is it worth to you?


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What Would It Be Worth…?

  1. …to feel rested in the morning?
  2. …to talk to someone who seems to understand what you’ve experienced?
  3. …to not be judged for letting your guard down?
  4. …to not feel frustrated or overwhelmed by those icky emotions?
  5. …to pause for a moment and focus on you?
  6. …to have a triggering memory and not immediately go into that Flight, Flight, or Flee response?
  7. …to find a resolution and make sense of an event you’ve always questioned?

Self-Pay? Yep

I am pleased to provide the flexibility, confidentiality, and convenience of self-pay. For some people it takes years and years before they call a psychologist. After waiting so long, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether  Round Rock Square Hole, PLLC takes your insurance.

I can provide a Superbill to those who wish to use Out of Network benefits. You can then ask for reimbursement from your insurance company.  The Superbill will give them a copy of your diagnoses, dates of service, and RRSH billing/contact information. 


Insurance? Nope Yep

After careful consideration I now take: 

  1. United Behavioral Health/Optum
  2. Humana
  3. Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  4. Tricare
  5. Aetna

A major benefit of finding an in-network insurance provider is that the insurance company shares the cost.

A major drawback to insurance is that those skilled therapists who have been on your insurance panel the longest usually have a 2-4 month wait.