What Your Mom Would Want to Know About Dr. Mason

More detailed information about Dr. Mason’s clinical experience.

I realize this is written in 3rd person. Because I don’t like talking about myself that much it was a lot easier this way. 🙂 


Dr. Mason

Michael Mason, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Michael Mason is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and retired military veteran with over 20 years Active Duty. His training began in 1998 while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of South Alabama. That’s when he learned how CHALLENGING and REWARDING it can be working with children on the Autism spectrum.


He continued working with children and adults while pursuing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Carlos Albizu University in Miami, FL. There he got a glimpse of the cultural differences between Venezuelans, Argentinians, Cubans, Brazilians, Hondurans, Mexicans, Spaniards, Puerto Ricans, Salvadorans, Columbians, and Peruvians.  


His graduate and clinical training was purposefully broad, giving him genuine appreciation for the human being throughout the lifespan. Clinical training was all about solving problems. His research went beyond problems, using a Positive Psychology lens. In fact, his dissertation was about personality characteristics of people who choose specific roles in online video games. 


Dr. Mason was honored to be involved in the service of others. He attended school while Active Duty Enlisted in the Coast Guard and then became an Officer in the Army. His APA accredited internship was at Brooke Army Medical Center.  Dr. Mason responded to the devastation after Hurricane Katrina, a Mass Casualty shooting at Fort Hood, TX, and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Those events continued to impact his gratitude and admiration of those who treat, protect, and serve others. Those experiences also deepened his understanding of how people can go from catastrophe and cacophony to happiness and harmony. 


Dr. Mason’s clinical experience ranged from neurodevelopmental assessment with children, to psychological evaluation of people threatening to assault others on a military post. He has worked with monogamous and open couples, LGBTQI and straight individuals, Christians and atheists, military and civilians, senior executives and indigent persons, chronically ill and illustriously healthy, Millennials and Baby Boomers, Geeks and tech-averse. He has served as staff psychologist and as the chief of multi-disciplinary clinics. After retirement he worked for the VA, the Army, and provided therapy to immigrants at a Detention Center. 


At Round Rock Square Hole, PLLC Dr. Mason works with strong, professional women who have experienced trauma or life-altering events. 

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